Payroll Outsourcing

Does this sound familiar? It’s payday and you’re racing the clock gathering everything you need to process, spending time entering data while simultaneously answering tons of questions and request.  

Payroll processing in Australia is indeed a hefty task. From filling out forms to crosschecking every single data, every employee in the payroll division within the finance department can relate to the complex and taxing job of completing a payroll.  

The only thing more orthodox than keeping the books is getting them wrong. In fact, the two typically go hand-in-hand, as the Australian Payroll Association (APA) imposes huge penalties to various business owners across different sectors for payroll errors.   

Having the best payroll service for your needs can help you reduce bookkeeping and other errors.  

Why Outsource Your Payroll?  

Often, questions are raised as to why it is important to outsource your payroll. Every business owner has these questions in mind: “Do I really need the added expense?” “Is my company suitable to avail a payroll outsourcing solution?” “What benefits do I gain from getting my payroll outsource?” “Are there any risks?” When you would stumble upon these questions, it’s good to research and get the answers yourselves.  

Making a practical choice can be a real challenge, but your choice is right, when you choose Practical Accountants. With us, small businesses and enterprises are guaranteed to enjoy simple and reliable payroll solutions. 

Spend less time doing your payroll through outsourcing. The growing industry of payroll outsourcing only proves its efficiency and convenience. It is estimated that in 2018, 24.7% of all Australian businesses and 37.8% of Australian SMEs, with less than 200 employees now using payroll outsourcing services because of their clear benefits. The advantage of payroll outsourcing services is that it lowers risk whilst maximising ROI. Not to mention, it is now immensely quick and easy to implement. 

With Practical Accountants, you reduce half of what you’re spending for an in-house payroll. This also give you more time to focus on what’s important for your business.  

Enjoy These Benefits with Practical Accountants  

You can easily access your payroll documents by a click.  

Having better access to your accounts and your payroll data is a game changer for any business. Say goodbye to piled up documents and experience the virtual innovation led with the vision of a better and fair payroll system.  

For business owners, our service cuts the hassle and time of doing your payroll.  

Whether you admit or not, doing your payroll is boring and time-consuming. For experts, like Practical Accountants, we take interest in your payroll documents, making the entire process simpler and more convenient for you. With our services, you can just sit back and send us all the necessary documents and will do the work for you.  

Having a payroll service guarantees you’ll have accurate and spotless payroll reports.  

As industry experts, Practical Accountants builds its reputation in providing credible and precise data. You can count on us to be updated on the latest payroll laws and trends.  

You’ll have a better and more improved data security. 

In-house payroll comes with a number of risks. Here at Practical Accountants, we are committed to protect and store your data with our cutting-edge technology to ensure your information is safe. 

You’ll avoid penalties and mistake by following the compliance.  

Payroll errors can cost you money since the APA penalises business owners incurring such errors. With Practical Accountants as your payroll service provider, you avail of an expert and experienced team to ensure that you stay compliant with the policies. 

How our payroll outsourcing services work?  

Our direct and simple approach to payroll makes a difference to a business. Save that time and money, and let our expert team help you.  

1. Collect and Collate  

The first step for you to start your journey to a better payroll system is to entrust your data to our team. We will gather and collate all the necessary documents, such as monthly timesheets or overtime requests.  

2. Examine and Process 

Understanding that every employee of your business enjoys different compensation benefits. We conduct computations on the gross salary, taxes, allowances, and government contributions due to each employee. 

3. Evaluate and Complete  

All payroll reports undergo rigorous internal reviews and quality checking before they are sent to clients for review and approval. Once approved, final reports are generated. 

 4. Relay and Fulfill 

After our internal reviews, we submit final reports to appropriate offices, execute payments, and comply with necessary policies. At Practical Accountants, we know you value your time, that is why we submit all reports on-time.  

Your Practical Choice 

Practical Accountants houses a team of highly skilled and determined individuals who each have a role to play in the company’s success and ongoing progress. 

At Practical Accountants, we offer simple solutions to your complex payroll issues. We do outsourced bookkeeping and accounting, tax planning, and assist in ATO audits and we currently service the Sydney, Mascot, Darling Harbour, Alexandria, and Tempe areas. Call us now on +61 2 9517 4726 and start your journey to the most practical choice. 

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